Recent Quotes

“This may be one of the year’s best… He’s a vivid, expressive artist.”  - Americana Highways  

“Nothing may be normal in 2021, but ‘Normal Isn’t Normal Anymore’ offsets Abernethy’s doom and gloom with pure joy.” - No Depression  

“Clairon vocals, masterly guitar playing...the complete creative and artistic package.”   - Looking Through The Lense  

“Impressive guitar-picking is an attraction in itself, and Mr. Abernethy proves an adept, vocal interpreter…”  - The Wall Street Journal  

“A message as poignant as it is heartwarming...this idea of unity, so valuable and necessary in these times of polarization and strife, is so beautifully done.” - American Songwriter on “Another Year”  

“His guitar playing evokes comparisons to such luminaries as Leo Kottke, John Fahey, and Tommy Emmanuel."   - Pop Matters  

“Such a gifted writer and talented guitarist...his are not only well-crafted songs; they are important, provocative messages that need to be shared.”  - Country Standard Time  

"Masterfully played and with skilled wordsmanship, it deserves to be part of your new normal."  - Fatea  

“He does such an amazing job of bringing true feelings and emotions to life and makes it sound flawless.”  - That Music Mag  

"Abernethy’s masterful guitar picking and poetic folk chanting combined with a lively melody captures a wholesome moment when it feels like sweetness is hard to come by.”  - BTRtoday  

“Every couple of years it seems like I come across a record that’s filled with all kinds of little audio treasures. Sweet little instrumental licks, well told stories, an admirable turn of lyrical phrase, subtle references to previous artists or songs–something new pops up every time I hear the album. Normal Isn’t Normal Anymore is the latest one of those to find me.”   - Twangville  

"When Rod begins to sing, his heart also follows. Whether it's one of his own songs or a rendition of someone else’s, Rod Abernethy has a way of capturing the song the way it was intended.”  - Josh Belcher’s Uncharted Podcast