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Hi, I'm Rod Abernethy and thanks for visiting my website. 

I've been playing guitar and singing folk songs for most of my life. These days, my songs and guitar instrumentals have influences of some of my favorites, like Leo Kottke, John Fahey, Bob Dylan, and Lyle Lovette to mention a few. 

During the 80s, I performed in some favorite North Carolina bands like Arrogance and Glass Moon. Then, I transitioned to composing music for film, TV and video games. But, my first love has always been acoustic guitar. For me, there’s nothing like playing 6- and 12-string in my live shows and telling stories about my life here in my home state of North Carolina.

I'm working on a new double album with the help of legendary producer Don Dixon (REM, The Smithereens, Marti Jones, Gin Blossoms). It's a mix of my original guitar instrumentals, songs and a few covers from Alexi Murdoch and BJ Barham. I can't wait for you to hear it when it comes out in March 2018.

Thanks again for looking and listening, and please "Like" my Facebook Artist page so you can keep up with progress on the new album and my live shows.


"Rod Abernethy is just an extraordinarily gifted musician. His dextrous and emotional 12-string guitar work has been a balm and an inspiration to me over the years. It's been great to finally share a stage with him at a couple shows!" 
           Peter Holsapple

"Imagine what would happen if you musically crossed the iconic guitar chops of Leo Kottke and John Fahey with the prophetic and immensely appealing songs of Bob Dylan and Tom Waits. Rod fits that bill. While consistently putting his very unique artistry out there, one can hear distinct echoes of these truly significant artistic forces. To my ears, Rod joins that group in very rare air, all of whom have kept meaning in melodies and a kind of prescient skill in lyrics. If you have a chance to see and hear Rod Abernethy live, don't miss it."
           Bob Hinkle  owner/manager
           The White Horse Black Mountain

"Rod is a true student of music, gracefully performing songs with a sincere humbleness that one can't help but relate to. His mastery of the 6 and 12 string guitars was a real treat to watch, and we look forward to his next performance in the hall!"
           Bill Heath  owner/operator
           Muddy Creek Music Hall
           Winston Salem, NC

"Rod Abernethy has truly mastered the art of storytelling.  At first he charms you with sentimental stories and clever lyrics that tug at your heart then he mesmerizes you with his spellbinding guitar playing.  It’s always a thrill to see Rod perform."
           Gigi Thigpen
           Jazz Entertainment Agency
           Raleigh, NC

"Rod put on an awesome set for us. He’s a true artist on stage and a great guy to work with. Several patrons came up to me at the break to tell me how much they enjoyed his performance. He’s the real deal."
            David E. Sardinha
            Six String Presents  
            The Cary Theater, Cary, NC 

"There are many excellent acoustic guitar players, and for anyone who loves acoustic guitar, it is one of life’s joys to hear them play. You would not, however, mention them in the same paragraph as Leo Kottke, or Norman Blake, or John Fahey. You would mention Rod though. Rod’s playing is transcendent, beyond technique, utterly superb. It is an extraordinary thing to hear him play. His performances attact not only music lovers but other guitar players, and no one in the audience has a chance to hear anything like that anywhere else. We look at each other and shake our heads.  You'll see." 
             Michael Thompson- acclaimed                    speaker, author and workshop                    presenter
             Durham, NC

"After hearing Rod Abernethy play a solo guitar set of music earlier this summer we were so impressed with his wide range of talents that we were inspired to have him play a concert at our gallery. His presentation and choice of material from Dylan to Loudon Wainwright to Tom Waits interspersed with his own compositions both instrumentals and songs provided one of the most satisfying, thoughtful and fully developed sets of music we have heard in a long time. If you have the opportunity to go see Rod play, go for the guitar playing, but be ready for the inspiration."  
            Tom Odell
            The Odell Art Studio & Gallery
            Chatham, MA 

"Rod Abernethy, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, was a guest on my radio show on WOMR in Provincetown this summer, and was truly amazing! Rod went back to his acoustic roots which were a perfect fit for the show, "Roots n' Offshoots."  His guitar playing on both 6 and 12 String had such a rich quality, and his vocals demonstrated his inner strength an passion."
             Carol Courneen 
             WOMR Provincetown MA 

"Rod's acoustic performances at the 'Time Out Of Mind' Dylan tribute sounded like Pete Townsend playing Dylan.... Superb. This was a glorious, successful event on all fronts, so a huge salute to mastermind Rod Abernethy for pulling off a plan with a billion details."
             John Custer  
             Grammy-Nominated Producer, 
             Songwriter, Performer