“This may be one of the year’s best - he’s a vivid, expressive artist.”  - Americana Highways 

“Nothing may be normal in 2021, but ‘Normal Isn’t Normal Anymore’ offsets Abernethy’s doom and gloom with pure joy...”   - No Depression 

"Armed with great storytelling, mature songwriting, and impeccable groove, Rod Abernethy holds the audience in the palm of his hand. He brings his heart and soul into everything he plays.”  - Martha Bassett (host of The Martha Bassett Show)

“Clairon vocals, masterly guitar playing...the complete creative and artistic package.”   - Looking Through The Lense 

“Impressive guitar-picking is an attraction in itself, and Mr. Abernethy proves an adept, vocal interpreter…”  - The Wall Street Journal 

“Such a gifted writer and talented guitarist...his are not only well-crafted songs; they are important, provocative messages that need to be shared.”  - Country Standard Time 

"Abernethy turned the relatively obscure early Dylan song about racial injustice into a tour-de-force, complete with a focused vocal delivery, tight and percussive rhythm, fiery guitar licks and solid harmonica playing." - American Songwriter on "Oxford Town"

“His guitar playing evokes comparisons to such luminaries as Leo Kottke, John Fahey, and Tommy Emmanuel."   - Pop Matters 

Rod is featured in VINTAGE GUITAR

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Kari Estrin
Nashville TN 

Sarah Bennett - IVPR
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